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The June 2, 2022 Provincial Election Is Now History

Thank you Toronto Centre!

I really do appreciate all 131 votes that you cast for democracy by selecting me, Ron Shaw as your candidate. I didn't come in last! Baby steps, and I look forward to the next election - maybe for MP? Stay Tuned!
In the meantime, you can view the official results by candidate and polling location in Toronto Centre on the Elections Ontario website here. You can also visit the None Of The Above Direct Democracy party federal and provincial (Ontario) website here.

VOTE: RON SHAW in Toronto Centre

Ontario was built on a strong and vibrant democracy. On June 2nd we strive to strengthen it.

Your None Of The Above Direct Democracy party candidate Ron Shaw pledges to work tirelessly to restore power to the people and to forge a better way forward.

Join the movement that brings accountability and truth to government in Ontario. On June 2nd Toronto Centre residents vote Ron Shaw, MPP

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Just the truth.

Why you might consider casting your vote for Ron Shaw, MPP in Toronto Centre:

Your very important vote does make a difference. Send a message with a vote that says government must be obedient to the people, not to special interests. 

What we can do to restore and strengthen Democracy in Toronto Centre.

Proportional representation is just the start. Then, recall legislation can ensure that elected officials do what they say they are going to do - or else we remove them from office. Referendums give citizens who are informed on issues the opportunity to shape them. And soon, the technology of blockchain will allow us to conveniently and securely vote and decide issues on the basis of one vote for one citizen.

Where Direct Democracy intersects the issues facing the people of Toronto Centre.

Politicians of every stripe love to promise everything to everyone, but with little regard to how the majority of citizens want things done. Catering to special interests can and does lead to corruption and lost opportunity. When informed citizens make decisions the outcome will lean toward the best possible benefit to the greatest number of people. That's Direct Democracy in action.

How the None Of The Above Direct Democracy party can help Toronto Centre.

Legacy political parties in Ontario - even the new ones - have party platforms that must be followed by their candidates, even if those policies may harm their candidate's own local constituents. The None Of The Above Direct Democracy party is different. Our candidates are free to follow whatever policies are in the best interest of residents of the electoral district in which those candidates serve.

Why Ron Shaw will make a difference and deserves your vote in Toronto Centre

Ron believes that it is not about the candidate, it is about the ability of citizens to exercise the power that they are entitled to. Ron will bring that power to the Ontario legislature as a voice for you. Having spent more than 3 decades as a resident of Toronto Centre, and as an independent business person, Ron can walk the talk that supports you. Find out more about Ron on the NOTA site by clicking here.

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Engage in a conversation with Ron or just tell us why we need change in Ontario and in the electoral district of Toronto Centre.

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